What is Buy Israel Week?

You may be thinking, ok so I’ve seen this cool logo around some places and I know that it must have something to do with supporting Israel, but how can I buy Israel? I don’t have that much cash in the bank!

Well we’re here to explain it to you. Buy Israel Week was started to combat the call for boycotting Israel, which is heard all around the world continuously. Supporters of Israel are always there shouting back not to boycott Israel but where is the action to support our statements? Here it is! Here is your opportunity to do a little bit to boost the Israeli economy by buying Israeli made products and supporting Israeli charities.

From February 25th till March 3rd 2013 you will have the opportunity to buy Israeli goods, win Israeli prizes, eat Israeli food and support Israeli charities.

We know that a real boycott of Israeli companies would have disastrous consequences.  Many Israeli institutions are responsible for scientific research to cure disease; Israeli companies develop technology that we use in our cell phones and computers, and new energy technologies are used in other countries.

The goal of Buy Israel Week is to combat the efforts of the BDS protestors through our purchasing power.  Every purchase can help make a difference.  Whether switching your brand of coffee or purchasing a gift, buy Israel.

So come on, let’s take a stand and ‘Buy Israel’!

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