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When we travel to Israel a difficult decision to make is where to stay. It’s important to find top location mixed with great service, and that’s why we prefer the Dan Hotels. It has a wide range of hotels around the country and you will certainly find one to suit your wallet and your lifestyle.

This year, the Dan Hotels group has agreed to be a Buy Israel Week sponsor!

Discover the ongoing pleasures of a Dan Hotel vacation, whether it’s the legendary King David in Jerusalem or a resort hotel on the Mediterranean or Red Sea. Every Dan hotel is a landmark destination that reflects the spirit of its surroundings. And thanks to the chain’s variety of locations, the options are endless for enjoying the beauty, history and diversity of Israel.

Dan Hotels is the oldest, most prestigious hotel chain in Israel. Today, the group includes 14 deluxe hotels in prime locations around the country, an international convention center, a hotel training school and the Dan Lounges at Ben Gurion airport. The flagship hotel, the King David Jerusalem, regularly hosts visiting dignitaries and is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World. Being the most recognized name in the Israeli hotel industry Dan makes sure that, while each hotel has an individual character, all Dan Hotels share the same dedication to perfection.


Several awards have been acquired over the years, reflecting the effort, thought and attention to detail that is encouraged in all team members who are especially trained to give Dan guests “an experience beyond the expected.”

Find out more about Dan Hotels in Israel on their Facebook page; YouTube Page or Twitter (@DanHotelsIsrael).

Hotels in the Group :
In Jerusalem:
King David, Dan Jerusalem, Dan Panorama Jerusalem, Dan Boutique
In Haifa:
Dan Carmel, Dan Panorama Haifa, Dan Gardens Haifa
In Tel Aviv:
Dan Tel Aviv, Dan Panorama Tel Aviv
In Eilat:
Dan Eilat, Dan Panorama Eilat
In Ashkelon:
Dan Gardens Ashkelon
In Herzliya-on-Sea:
Dan Accadia
In Caesarea:
Dan Caesarea

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From Dan with love

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