With IL Couture fashion, get it haute from the Holy Land

(written by Netta Stavinsky of IL Couture)
il coutureIL Couture is an innovative fashion platform that provides global exposure to unique and innovative fashion designers from the holy Land of Israel. ILCouture performs as an online store where worldwide customers can access and shop unique items such as clothes, shoes, jewelry & accessories.  Each designer’s collection is an extension of their passion, vision and perception of Israeli life, culture and art. Their innovative flare and creativity is inspired from the social liveliness and dynamic streets of their local neighborhoods. Furthermore these designers use high quality Israeli materials to create their collections, all of which are made in Israel.The mission of IL Couture is to help establish Israeli fashion as the vanguard of world fashion, and in doing so to expose to the world to a different image of Israeli life, culture and tradition. To find out more visit their website www.ilcouture.com

For more information about Israeli fashion & design or fashiontech, please contact Hanna at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC.









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