Binyamina Winery was established in 1952 by Joseph Zeltzer, who immigrated to Israel with a burning desire to produce wine as he did in the country of his birth, Hungary. Initially called Eliaz Winery—named after the owner’s son who fell in battle during Israel’s War of Independence, the winery started out in a region considered at that time to be Israel’s wine region.

The winery originally produced sweet wines, simple table wines and liqueurs. As all winegrowers at the time were bound to the Carmel Mizrahi cooperative, it was David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel, himself who intervened on behalf of Mr. Zeltzer, and a law was passed that allowed him to receive a small amount of grapes for wine production.

Movie production executives purchased the winery at the beginning of the 1990’s and gained full control in 1996. They immediately invested enormous resources to transform Binyamina into one of Israel’s leading wineries. This included 14 years of investment in vineyards to obtain the best quality raw material, in wine production equipment and in creating one of Israel’s finest barrel cellars.

In 2008, Hetzi Hinam marketing chain purchased the winery. The new owners have invested unstintingly in the winery’s vineyards, premises, equipment and human capital.