The Conference of Presidents brings together more than 50 national Jewish organizations from across the political and religious spectrum. For nearly six decades, the Conference has represented American Jewry on vital issues of international and national concern and works to:
• Enhance the special U.S.-Israel relationship
• Advocate at the U.N. and other international fora
• Pursue a just and lasting Middle East peace with security
• Prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons
• Expose and fight anti-Semitism
• Counter terrorism, extremism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
• Aid endangered Jewish communities
• Promote security at home and abroad

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Check out the ICB for the latest trends and events about Israel on North American college campuses. It’s the premier student-written online publication, providing up-to-date facts and insights into the campus Israel scene nationwide as well as information about student trips to Israel, conferences, internships and other opportunities that inform and connect pro-Israel advocates. The ICB is a partnership of the Conference of Presidents and the Israel on Campus Coalition
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