Dorot is an Israeli based company that was born in 1992 on Kibbutz Dorot in Southern Israel. They specialize in developing, producing and marketing of frozen seasoning products all over the world. They are a fully Israeli owned company and Buy Israel Week is happy to support them!

Dorot has revolutionized the way Israelis, and now people all over the world, cook. Instead of constantly needing to find fresh garlic and herbs and then to chop and prepare them, you can simply pop a cube of whatever herb you need into your dish. The cubes keep the goodness frozen in and makes sure that your dish will be spiced to perfection. The Garlic & Herbs are grown in the fields of the Kibbutz and flash frozen right in the fields, making their products “fresher than fresh”. They are convenient and time saving – no more peeling/ chopping/ crushing – just ready to use!