Double Your Donation to Help Israeli Children with Meir Panim

1.8 million people in Israel, including two out of every five Israeli children, are suffering from hunger.  By supporting American Friends of Meir Panim, you can help provide hot meals for Israelis in need.  Through Buy Israel Week, and an anonymous donor, you can double your donation to this worthy cause. 

Especially at the time of year when we are all worrying about our Pesach seders, and hoping that there is enough food for all our guests, it’s important to remember those who may not have enough food even for themselves. Meir Panim is happy to help those in need, but need our help to do it!

American Friends of Meir Panim seeks to diminish the harmful effects of poverty on thousands of families across Israel by supporting a range of food and social service programs aimed at helping the needy with respect, including free restaurants, meals-on-wheels, school lunch programs, prepaid food card distribution, vocational training and after-school youth clubs.

The programs funded by AFMP help to alleviate the pain of poverty in the short-term, and provide long-term, proactive solutions that help needy Israelis break out of the cycle of poverty and become active, self-sufficient members of society.

For more information, please visit their website and facebook page.

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Taglit-Birthright Israel: the trip of a lifetime

Taglit-Birthright Israel has reached so many Jewish young adults that you either know someone who has gone on the life-changing trip or who can’t wait to go next summer.  To help make this trip possible for even more Jewish young adults, please consider supporting Taglit-Birthright Israel through Buy Israel Week here, where your donation of $28 will go directly to the Birthright Israel Foundation.

Taglit-Birthright Israel provides the gift of first time, peer group, educational trips to Israel for Jewish young adults ages 18 to 26. Taglit-Birthright Israel’s founders created this program to send thousands of young Jewish adults from all over the world to Israel as a gift in order to diminish the growing division between Israel and Jewish communities around the world; to strengthen the sense of solidarity among world Jewry; and to strengthen participants’ personal Jewish identity and connection to the Jewish people.

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JNF and Operation Carmel Renewal

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since the devastating fires in the Carmel Forest in Israel. This was the worst natural disaster in Israeli history, which killed 44 people and destroyed 7,500 acres of forested area. With your support, the Jewish National Fund’s Operation Carmel Renewal (OCR) campaign has raised more than $7.5 million to rehabilitate the burnt landscape of the Carmel, purchase new firefighting equipment and trucks, and re-green affected communities.

Watch the video below to learn how the JNF’s Operation Carmel Renewal has helped.

Operation Carmel Renewal from Jewish National Fund on Vimeo.

On Buy Israel Week, you can have 13 Jewish National Fund trees planted for $100.  To purchase this offer, click here.

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Give back this Hanukkah

During the holiday season it might be hard to think about giving without receiving anything in return.  HAS Advantage enables you to give to charity when you use their Visa Rewards Card.

The HAS Advantage Visa Rewards Card is the first-ever Visa credit card that offers rewards and supports Israel-related charities.  With your HAS Advantage card, you can choose 5 out of more than 20 charities that will receive a percentage of every purchase you make.  Your donations will go to important causes in Israel such as social services, hospitals, emergency services, community development, education and research, environmental protection and more.

“Purchase” this Buy Israel Week offer today and earn a $5 jdeal credit, and perhaps a trip to Israel, while helping Israel in so many ways.

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