U-Boutique – The Marketplace for Israeli Arts & Crafts

U-Boutique is the Israel made marketplace, which expresses the spirit of Israel and where unique handmade products can be purchased directly from the designer and artist.  ‘Passionate’ best describes U-Boutique’s intent to connect talented, independent Israeli designers with lovers of quality and original Judaica, Jewish art, jewelry, fashion & gifts.

The site enables buyers to easily browse through a wide selection of special items for sale by the designer at below retail prices. If a buyer is seeking quality ‘one of a kind’ Israeli goods and wants to feel like they are supporting small Israeli businesses then U-Boutique is the site for you.

“I see U-Boutique as the leading marketplace for Israeli arts and crafts giftware with links to communities throughout the United States,” says Nachman Klieman the American born owner of U-Boutique. “We take our time to get to know each of our shop owners and their ability to deliver the highest quality in handmade items.  This effort is aimed at helping us build and maintain customer confidence in our secure Internet site.”

U-Boutique was founded by Nachman’s youngest son, Gavriel z”l, who developed the concept for an Israeli Internet site that would offer unique Israeli made items for sale while turning the buying experience into something rewarding and memorable. “I have learned that Gavriel was right,” adds Nachman Klieman.

“In continuing Gavriel’s work I have come to realize it is indeed possible to help Israeli designers, many of who are graduates of Israel’s top design schools, to open their first shops and to market their products to a wide overseas market of customers. Our buyers are Jews and Christians alike who are looking to buy unusual quality handmade Israeli goods. The positive responses we receive from satisfied buyers from all over the world is our incentive to work even harder towards fulfilling the unfinished dream of a 26 year old business student.”

“In order to keep in touch with the latest trends in the arts and crafts market,” explains Nir Golshtein, the head of U-Boutiques’ Marketing and Customer Relations, “we often go out and visit Arts & Crafts fairs and marketplaces that showcase the works and creations of Israeli artisans and designers. Because we deal with small businesses, we feel the need to assist them and be available throughout the initial stages of opening their shops.  Most of our clients need assistance with all things concerning online marketing like finding the right keywords and phrasing for their background stories as well as solving technical difficulties they may experience. It is a satisfying experience for both of us when they make their first online sale on U-Boutique Shops.”

“When considering the responses of visitors to our site,” concludes Nir Golshtein, “I realize that nobody can remain indifferent to the wide range of gift items available from our shop owners.  Lovely, gorgeous, awesome, beautiful are typical comments. Reading the message ‘I found a treasure today on your lovely site!’ makes me realize we are on to something very special.”